Week 9 – Post Mortem

--Originally published at TC3045 – Sagnelli's blog


It’s me again, and I didn’t sleep quite a lot for the past week. So, the previous blog post was about this week’s Taller Vertical, where Google, and Wizeline partnered to assign a task for us at Tec de Monterrey Guadalajara. The task was about doing a VR or AR experience, along with Animation degree students focusing on one of the UN’s SDGs. My team focused on SDG #1 – No Poverty.

My team, and I focused on  developing a VR, accessible, Android, short, interactive, film. Using Google VR, Google Cardboard initiative, Android SDK, and Unity we were able to do so. We developed an experience that takes the user into the people suffering from extreme poverty shoes. We used a Low Poly type of art, as we tried to represent what people in that condition live on their every day life basis in a more swallowable reality.

The result is visible on this Github repository. Feel free to check it out.



Week 9 – Pre Mortem

--Originally published at TC3045 – Sagnelli's blog

As I said on my previous blog post, this week is not about the elections project. Moreover, this week we are working with Google and Wizeline on a very intense week to develop a solution. What we are intended to do, is to create a VR or AR experience with whatever software, and hardware we want to use. Also, the only restriction is to work with an assigned UN’s SDG. My assigned SDG is #1 – No Poverty. We are working with Animators to develop this solution. Our idea so far, is to create a VR short interactive movie that involves the user as a person in a extreme poverty condition.

Stay tuned on what we develop at the end of this week.