12 and counting

--Originally published at TC3045 – Alfonso Irai

The time doesn’t stop, and neither do I. It’s time to get this show on track. The sad thing is that I still have 3 exams on Thursday and that’s kind of sad.

Talking about the project, we will be focusing on applying the sentiment analysis to show charts on the frontend, also to apply the backend to build the graphic word cloud, and give proper information, and direction on which candidate is leading the poll.

Let’s see how the week treats me.


--Originally published at TC3045 – Alfonso Irai

Eleven. Eleven.

I remembered the first day of this semester and now, we only have 5 more weeks to finish this up.

This is the week we have our sprint presentation. On Tuesday will demonstrate our advancements on the functionality of our project so far. Next steps of the project are to be determined, but are mostly related to front-end integration.

Let’s see how we did by the end of the week.


End of the 10

--Originally published at TC3045 – Alfonso Irai

Mike and I finished styling the code for the words counting functionality of the word cloud. The graphic stuff is going to be developed in the front-end; however, the basic functionality of distinguishing which words are most frequently used by candidates is already done. We used a library from Python named Counter to do this. The current output of our word cloud program is a list of words with their respective number of appearances.

Also, Ken moved the sprint delivery because of the CENEVAL application, so we have until Tuesday to retouch our delivery.

10th Week

--Originally published at TC3045 – Alfonso Irai

After our vertical workshop it’s time to work again!

For this week I’ll be working on finishing the counter for the word cloud. The goal is to finish the word cloud counter, also, formatting the results in order of repeated words.

We’ll see by the end of the week if we’ve achieved it. However, I think we need to finish it because we have the end of the sprint on Friday, so lets see how did it go.