--Originally published at Frida Díaz

Alan Levine a.k.a CogDog is an expert on the implementation of new technologies in education that agreed on having a conversation with us during the iTec course. He usually uses his blog to post the solution he found to a problem he considers relevant. For achieving this purpose, it is necessary to guide the reader through the process of thinking he had while he was coming through the solution.

He feels everyone should post whenever they feel like it, without established schedules. Sometimes he posts about three times per week and sometimes he does it once in a month. Everyone wonders if their work is actually great, so it´s okay to feel afraid of publishing, but you still have to do it.

Regarding the security issues someone may face during this communication with the rest of the world, Alan believes that if your information is really important to you, you shouldn’t be posting it online.

Furthermore, he believes that images inside a post are important to keep the reader’s attention. The images he uses for his post tend to be pictures he took during his free time. He assures that this activity helps him get relaxed and eventually he starts seeing the world differently, which helps him solve his problems more efficiently.

His pictures had been used for commercial purposes without his permission. But instead of getting upset, the CogDog suggests us to feel proud that our work is being appreciated and distributed, especially when it helps other solve their problems.

You can read more about Alan Levine on his blogs: and I also suggest to get a look at his github or flickr accounts.