Last day of iWeek but we are just getting started.

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Today Friday was my favorite day, we took a introduction in video edition and creation with a lot of examples, sadly I had a lot of material so I still editing, later I will update it so you all can see it.

Thanks to Diego Zavala for the edition and creation course, go and visit his webpage for Diego).

Later we had another conference. Rebecca J. Hogue and Helen DeWaard talked to us about Digital Identity and things to do to keep safe all your data, I recommend you to watch the conference and remember guys if you want to build a web site buy your own Domain like me :).

How do you feel about your Social Networks?

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By Luis Najera

In today’s lesson we review the type of use We give to our Social Networks using a diagram, in this case it looked like a graph, in the X axis it has the word Resident and in the left the word Visitor, in this case you can define yourself as a Resident or a Visitor. A Resident is the one who interacts with a lot of people and is an active member, in the other side a Visitor is that one who only uses his account to follow the track to friends and family or maybe to stalk but they do not publish that much. And in the upper part of the Y axis you have the word Personal and in the lower part you have the word Institutional. If you only use a specific social network for your work or your career you can consider it Institutional, but if you use it to establish social interaction you can consider it Personal.

If you have any question you can see the video below, in the video our Guests Autumm Caines and Dr. Bonnie Stewart explain us the process to make this diagram and they also talk about the digital identity.


My diagram is the next.

And also I interviewed my friend Rosa and asked her about her social networks.

Thanks For Reading

Luis Najera.

Requirements to Grow as a Person

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Foto By Luis Carlos Najera

To grow as a person you need to know your strengths and your weaknesses.

Why? The answer is very easy,  you need to know your weaknesses in order to fight against them and you need to use your strengths as tools to accomplish your objectives.

The first day Ken ask us kindly to make a list of 5 thing that you like or you are good at, 5 things you have problems with and 5 things you do no one else know.

It was deeper than I thought but in the end I found my 5 Strengths and Weaknesses.

Today we went into a iSafari, we went outside the Classroom and search for those keywords we identify with our analysis.

I will share my pictures.


Eduaction Picture


“I don’t love studying, I hate studying. I love learning. Learning is BEAUTIFUL.” Natalie Portman

The education is the best tool we can use to learn, I love all the Flipped Learning method Ken apply for all his clases, because he give us the motivation to learn by the method we want so we can really learn instead of only memorize all the stuff to approve one course.

Also some time ago I was a teacher and I loved it, in the future I will love to be a teacher again.

That is the reason I choose to take a picture with Ken.



One of the things I love is to help people. I try to be helpful every time, I love explaining other people what I know or help other people find what they need or what they want.

The Best leader is the one who can serve to anyone.



If there is an university in México where you learn to be both a hard worker and a successful leader is the Tecnológico de Monterrey, they prepare us to be Leaders of our own professional path. Leadership is a value you need to have if you want to be someone successful in the future.

Remember to be a good leader you need to be a excellent worker, always give everything and love what you do.

The one in the picture is a friend of mine, his name is Raul and he is a Police commander, he is an excellent leader and he is one of the good guys, if we had more officers like he México would be a very different place.



And I mean it, is hard for me to keep the interest in something but when I do, I would never stop until I achieve my goal, that could be saw as a Weakness also but lets say is more positive. If you know me, sometimes I’m distracted because I’m always thinking on how to do what I have to do.


I only found one weakness in the campus but that doesn’t mean I only have one.



Generally I focus all my attention in things that really care to me so I forget other things or I don’t do them in the better way it can be done. The best way to fight this weakness is to learn to manage my time and always focus in what I have to do and no in what I like to do.

Thanks To everyone.

Luis Najera





First Day, First Guest (Dave Cormier)

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Today we started with the right foot, our first Guest David is awesome, he talked about a lot of useful things, almost all of them where related with the main subject of this workshop The Digital Identity.

He talked about what Digital identity is. The digital identity is like a knife, it could be used for good of for bad, the internet is not private even when it says is “private”, the servers are computers and a lot of people have access to them so they can see your private content.

He told us to use our Digital Identity for good, all or almost all of the companies have evolved, they use the social networks as a part of they recruitment process  to know which type of person you are, what you like to do and if you have what they need, so be careful posting things you don’t thing will like to your future employer.

He also told us that if we have a negative Digital Identity we can work out of there, start to do different things until the good things overcome the bad things.

It was a very interesting conference, if you want to see it I will leave the video below.