Last day of iWeek but we are just getting started.

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Today Friday was my favorite day, we took a introduction in video edition and creation with a lot of examples, sadly I had a lot of material so I still editing, later I will update it so you all can see it.

Thanks to Diego Zavala for the edition and creation course, go and visit his webpage for Diego).

Later we had another conference. Rebecca J. Hogue and Helen DeWaard talked to us about Digital Identity and things to do to keep safe all your data, I recommend you to watch the conference and remember guys if you want to build a web site buy your own Domain like me :).

Day 5 – #iGoodbye #iTecGDA

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First I want to thanks Ken for this workshop, I learned a lot from all the topics of the week,  also to all the great people that joined us this week!
Thanks to Dave CormierLaura Gogia and Lee SkallerupAlan Levine and Amy BurvallAutumm Caines , Bonnie Stewart and Sundi RichardMaha Bali and finally Diego ZavalaRebecca Hogue and Helen DeWaard.
Thank you all guys for sharing all you could. It means a lot!

Today we had Diego Zavala in the Auditorio 1, right here at Tec. He share the importance about making videos of our own. So in order of his activity to be completed, my friend Ever and I want to share our video with all of you guys:

We hope you liked it.

Also we had with us via Google Hangouts  Rebecca Hogue and Helen DeWaard.
They discuss with us about our digital presence online, about what we should post if it is too personal or responsible, It was really helpful having you here guys! Thank you!
Check out the whole video on the link below.

That was it from today, I would probably continue with the blogging thing but on my other site 

Thank you all for sharing, and thank you again Ken, for this amazing workshop, see you around I hope.

Goodbye iWeek!!

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This course made me realize all of the mistakes we can make on the internet (some can be pretty bad), what I need to control and how I can create a positive digital identity and presence.

My teacher Ken, is pretty awesome, it was the first time I had class with him and loved how he managed to teach us, having like a 100 students,control them and try to pay attention to all of us, must have been hard.

All of the guest speakers were nice, answered all of the questions and had important topics to talk about. So thank you all, for making my first iWeek a perfect one!

Day 4 -International communication

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Hi guys! So first of all, today I had an inconvenient between my bed and I. LOL
If you read my last post, then you already know that I fell asleep this morning. But moving forward, Ken said to us to comment on other people’s blogs, and read them.
This was kind of fun, because I realized that i’m not the only one putting their feelings on them.
Then Ken said that we were going to take videos or pictures of anything we want, we like and that kind of stuff, so I take some videos about the places at the Tec were I spend my time.
Take a look at them:

I’ll upload the video in the morning because I’m having troubles with youtube right now.

Also I have a great conversation with Maha, about what do we publish online. Allow me to finish my blog with a big thank you for her.

Day 4

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Today we talked with Maha Bali (loved how she expressed),she talked sbout videos and blogs, and that many times after viewing a video that she had participated and didn’t like how she talked and how her writing is better than her speaking, also the risk when someone takes someone that she said without context and make it look bad.

Public and private digital presence is really important and it is not bad having them, on the public you can get to interact with people from around the world, but sometimes you need to share things with people you really care and know, because it is not possible  to have 1000 friends and really know every single person. I think that when having 2 profiles/blogs we need to be really careful what you share on each one, because when making comments people might misunderstand what you mean and can get you in trouble.

Maha mentioned how she started to interact with lots of people on the internet, like communities, she saw what they did, what they talked about and then, she knew how to make a comfortable conversarion (not a creepy or a dumb one). She recommended us to think about how we want people to see our blog and to think the structure we want it to have. Which is really useful, because sometimes we don’t think what we want to show and how to.



How do you feel about your Social Networks?

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By Luis Najera

In today’s lesson we review the type of use We give to our Social Networks using a diagram, in this case it looked like a graph, in the X axis it has the word Resident and in the left the word Visitor, in this case you can define yourself as a Resident or a Visitor. A Resident is the one who interacts with a lot of people and is an active member, in the other side a Visitor is that one who only uses his account to follow the track to friends and family or maybe to stalk but they do not publish that much. And in the upper part of the Y axis you have the word Personal and in the lower part you have the word Institutional. If you only use a specific social network for your work or your career you can consider it Institutional, but if you use it to establish social interaction you can consider it Personal.

If you have any question you can see the video below, in the video our Guests Autumm Caines and Dr. Bonnie Stewart explain us the process to make this diagram and they also talk about the digital identity.


My diagram is the next.

And also I interviewed my friend Rosa and asked her about her social networks.

Thanks For Reading

Luis Najera.

Is Social Media Safe? Day 3

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In my opinion, social media is never going to be safe, eventhough you have a private account, don’t accept friend requests from strangers; because there is always going to be someone who wants to hurt you or use you.. So I don’t know what social media is waiting for to really make a change, including us.. we are waiting for something bad to happen to react and change our account? our friends? change to anocher that we think is safer? So we do know all the risks that comes when making accounts, then why are we complaining… We NEED to make social media change.