The Final Project. #PROJECT #TC1017

It’s been a hard week for us, we started the project 4 days ago after we finished all of our tasks since the past week, (Finishing the final proyect of mathematics and all the other stuff of this course). Manuel and I started with some help (a lot) of a friend of his (his roomie who is having classes with you but in the other c++ course), he practically told us everything about installing ubuntu and the magick++ library. This week i surely learned how to use matrixes (Thing i didn’t know before not until this project). So we think this program works, we did final modifications earlier (we didnt have time to prove them, but the last time we proved it, it worked) sorry for the delay, thanks.

Here’s the code:

CC BY 4.0 The Final Project. #PROJECT #TC1017 by Eduardo Torres is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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