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If and Else

Aqui esta un nuevo tutorial para poder saber como utilizar un if y tambien un else como condicionales.

Aqui esta el link: https://youtu.be/dvsp4tkc1Ko





Use of the conditional “if”

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Hello i am doing my 15 al over again because i want to get my two points!

I will be teaching you how to use a conditional if.

First of all lets see why conditionals are useful.

For me personally, the use of conditionals is  one of the most important things in c++ programming or in any kind of language or algorithm. Because is such an easy way  to do things, or to lead the user where he wants to go.

An if or conditional, is to give the user an option if he wants something or no, or also if the user put something he can´t the program will say no, because you said tha IF he put that it will say no.

But, lets do an example for you to understand it better.

the syntax for using an if is very easy:

“if (conditional)



Yes, is that simple.

But let say you ask the user for a number between 1 and  10 and the name of the variable that the user will give us is “num”.

if (num 10) //This is the condition




So what did i did here. In words this tell “If the number the user gives is less than 1 or more than 10, then print (Your number is invalid).

As you can se is very simple and you cant put various times or combine it with for loops, while loops or whatever you want.

Hope you learn from this!

#Mastery15 #TC1017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CBXDq4xlAj0

Mastery 15

Las sentencias de decisión o también llamadas de CONTROL DE FLUJO son estructuras de control que realizan una pregunta la cual retorna verdadero o falso (evalúa una condicion) y selecciona la siguiente instrucción a ejecutar dependiendo la respuesta o resultado.

¿como se usa un if?

un if sigue el siguiente codigo

este codigo utiliza una condicion que va secuenciada con punto y coma


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H0yos Adventures 2015-04-07 23:35:15

hi there, on this video i´m going to be explaining  the conditionals if and else. hope its useful and enjoy it.

here is the link for an example code in github:


here is the link for the video: