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The Final Project. #PROJECT #TC1017

It’s been a hard week for us, we started the project 4 days ago after we finished all of our tasks since the past week, (Finishing the final proyect of mathematics and all the other stuff of this course). Manuel and I started with some help (a lot) of a friend of his (his roomie who is having classes with you but in the other c++ course), he practically told us everything about installing ubuntu and the magick++ library. This week i surely learned how to use matrixes (Thing i didn’t know before not until this project). So we think this program works, we did final modifications earlier (we didnt have time to prove them, but the last time we proved it, it worked) sorry for the delay, thanks.

Here’s the code: https://github.com/kenwbauer/TC101F15_Team20/blob/master/finalproject.cpp

Surviving to Ken’s class (Personal experiences) #BONUS #TC1017

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Final Dash – #WSQ15 #TC1017

I know it’s too late to post this, since it is the last day to post the things of the course, but my plans for the rest of the semester (exams and today) its upload everything i have done since now, I had no much time to do things this week bc I was doing de proyect (and because I left everything to the final again), Im uploading now the final proyect, the other WSQ I have, and all the masteries that I did, for the next week my plan is to study 24/7 (specially for physics, math and this course) and when it’s all over, I will go to my hometown and sleep for a week (I wish I was kidding), and hopefully see the grades and see this course achieved. I think that’s all, thanks for reading this.


It was a little difficult and had to look for help with other people from the course

Here’s the link: WSQ14

Babylonian method – #WSQ13 #TC1017



Here’s the code: WSQ12

Here are the functions I used: