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Mastery 03

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3.Create accounts: Blog, Twitter, GitHub

A blog is small site on the internet in which you can write about pretty much everything, from really interesting information, to you must personal thoughs. In this case, we’ll use it to wirte about coding. We are going to be using withknown. In order to sing into Withknown, and pretty much everything else in the internet, you need an email address.

Here is the main page of Withknow, we have to press the very intuitive blue button that says “create your site”.

Now we have to fill up this little questionary, with basic questions, like the name of your site(blog) and the username and password that you would like to use in order to constantly sing in.

Now you’ll have your blog of your own, like this. You can edit the appearence in your blog in “settings”, also you can add a little description of your blog or life, and a tacky icon to be easily identified. In “site configuration” you can change the settings, to allow people to comment your posts or to simultaneously post in other sites.

To sing up in twitter you must follow almost the same path, just go into the website. The main page already has the sing  up option. Just type your email and your password. You can later create your username and follow more users. Twitter is pretty much just another type of blog, but a little more social and open for everyone.

Github is again, the same as Twitter pretty much. Just as Twitter it has the sing up action in the main site. Unlike the others, github is used to write and save your code. You can share your code and see the code of someone else. You can also work on projects simultaneously with other people in the site.



Create accounts: Blog, Twitter, GitHub

Aquí estan mis cuentas necesarias para este curso:

Nombre del usuario: @fernandoagrob Link a la página: https://twitter.com/fernandoagrob

Nombre del usuario: fernandoaguirrer Link a la página: https://github.com/fernandoaguirrer

Nombre del usuario: Fernando Aguirre Link a la página: http://ken.baueralonso.com/courses/





submitting work via blog.

on the previous Mastery you created an account on withknown.com

on that blog there is a button that says “post” there you post your screenshot of your work with the correct

(Like this post) xD

Mastery 03


how to create an account in withknow.com

first go to the web page www.withknown.com 

second go to the button “sign up”.

fill the spaces with your information and then accept. 

finally you get your site for example: http://hoyos.withknown.com/