Creation and use of arrays in C++ 1017 24

An array is a data structure, or more technically, a memory that stores a collection of items, all of the same type. Should imagine an array as a contiguous sequence of cells (memory spaces), or squares, each of which can save an item from the collection. Also, it is usual to draw as illustrated by the following figure:

This figure represents an array of seven squares each of which can be used to store a data. The dimension or size of an array is the number of cells that comprise it. It should be clear, then, that the above figure corresponds to an array of dimension 7.

Example of dimension


In 2 dimension be like


At the beginning I was thinking like how to do a sudoku in this way so here is and example



  1. Type of Variable
  2. Write array
  3. Name of the array


     float array [A];

In this Code that I did, I wrote some comments explaining what it means each line 

LINKS that I Used to explain and do my WSQ’s and this awesome Mastery 😀