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WSQ12 – Greatest Common Divisor


WSQ12 – Greatest Common Divisor

Maximo Comun Divisor

“El máximo común divisor (m.c.d. o mcd) de dos o más números es el mayor número que divide a todos exactamente.


Cálculo del máximo común divisor

1 Se descomponen los números en factores primos.

2 Se toman los factores comunes con menor exponente.

3 Se multiplican dichos factores y el resultado obtenido es el mcd.”(Vitutor)

Este es el proceso para poder obtener el maximo comun divisor, pero ¿como se puede hacer esto en una computadora? Pues con una funcion especifica que pueda ser esto, y aqui esta mi ejemplo:https://github.com/A01229754/Tc107/blob/master/wsq12.cpp


Pagina donde puedes ver mas informacion acerca del maximo comun divisor: http://www.vitutor.com/di/di/a_7.html

Greatest Common Divisor #WSQ12 #TC1014

Finished the WSQ12.

Pretty easy though, not a single problem and it ran at the first try.

Code: https://github.com/YosefatJQ/Python-Course-TC1014/blob/master/wsq12.py

Hey gusy here is my WSQ12


For this program I had to calculate the greatest common divisor of two possitive integers, to do this we implemented Euclidean Algorithm, if you want to know more about this you can check this link: http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Algoritmo_de_Euclides

I think that this program is really simple, because you only need to evaluate each case and apply the formula.

For this program I think that is useful to know something about functions, because you can implement them and have a program more organized.

Here you can see my code and the program working.

Also you can find my code here:

GitHub: https://github.com/taniaprogram/SolvingProblemsWithProgramming/blob/master/gcd.cpp

Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-NM4ghaDXBvYk1MT2dwWGhKQXc/view?usp=sharing


this code is kind of different, but it works the same 

code in github:




This actually i already had it done because of  the quiz we did but making a program that gives you the greates common divisor in c++ is pretty easy, you just got to know well what a greates common divisor is, understand it, and how to use loops and conditionals.

My link to dropbox cause my github isn´t working in my computer.




in this wsq i just made a funcion that can return the gcd, its very short my program so i cant say much
here is my wsq https://github.com/juanheuforico/WSQ/blob/master/WSQ12.py