I can CIA you

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While surfing the Internet a lot of thins happen with the websites that we visit. Some of them store information about our location or some data that we provide to log in or sign in, but what if this information falls into the wrong hands?

As we know, in the Internet there´s all kinds of people (even those ones that you couldn’t ever imagine), some of them are malicious persons looking for even the minimum vulnerability on the websites for retrieving information or taking advantages in some way of the security breaches. This breaches could be found by curious people that are looking at the source code of the websites, by people that know about vulnerability on the security or even those users that want to play to be God.

Because of that, exists the renamed CIA (no, I’m not talking about that one that probably is watching you while you reading this)


I’m talking about Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability. This model that allows us to be safe that the websites that we provide our information it’s safe in it (it could be encrypted), that ensures that the information is not altered by malicious people and that can only be acceded by authorized users.


So, it’s not that bad, if the website accomplishes this specifications you can relax, so keep watching memes calmly.


CIA Triad

--Originally published at Security – Blog | César Arturo González

In the world of information security, the standard basic model for the implementation and evaluation of the information security in every system and organization is the CIA Triad. CIA stands for: Confidentiality Integrity Availability Confidentiality For an organization to properly implement confidentiality into a system, the content should only be accessible by an authorized individual …

The importance of CIA: confidentiality, integrity and availability

--Originally published at Information Security – Juan Pablo's Blog

In network security, there are 3 fundamental concepts called accessibility, confidentiality, and integrity. If any of the 3 is not present, the other 2 can’t be either achieved. Availability We need to make sure that all our systems and networks stay up and running properly 24/7. This term involves everything related to capacity, performance, and … Continue reading The importance of CIA: confidentiality, integrity and availability