WSQ2: Computing Ethics

Picture of graffiti which says "ethics!"

Your Task

You can (and should) do this work in pairs but each student should publish on their own blog AND include the names of both authors (or if publishing anonymously just link to your partner’s blog post).

Write a blog post about code of ethics. You can and should reference other resources (we shared some in our #tc2027 Slack channel). You can make a mashup of these or choose your favourite parts.


Go take photos for each of your statements in the code of ethics. Use your own photos and place them somewhere such that you can claim full copyright or release under a Creative Commons License. I’m a fan of using Flickr for this but there are many other options.

Due Date

As everything we are flexible on dates but I would expect this to be done for Group 1 THIS week and group 63 (i-semester students) during week 5 of the semester (we are currently in week 3).

Feature Image Credit

Picture of graffiti which says "ethics!"
ethics! flickr photo by amk713 shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-ND) license


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