AIC Triad

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Hello reader! Is nice to know that you keep looking at my posts. This time I will talk about the AIC (Availability, Integrity and Confidentiality, some sites or information around the globe refers to this as CIA, yes like the Central of Intelligence Agency in the USA, but this has nothing to do with that).

Formally this is how most IT security practices are ruled, this three words are the fundamentals of security, let me explain to you what each one means:

  • Availability: Everything should be up and running, no matter what happens, the service or system should always respond.
  • Integrity: Nothing can be altered in terms of the information that is used in the service or system without detection.
  • Confidentiality: All information or data used should never be shared with third or unauthorized parties, since all of that is personal and literally confidential.

This three concepts are commonly applied into databases, since all information and data processing is stored by a company, so, you reader, are always in touch with this concepts everyday, because is possible that you use an app or something in the cloud that involves data sharing, text messaging or anything were you have to upload something to the network and read or download something from someone else, for example, whatsapp, e-mail, facebook, twitter and many more. Therefore, when you accept the privacy and security conditions (those little letters that pop up in a window where you click accept), you are accepting his own AIC rules, but obviously, they are regulated by a certification, they can’t fully change them for their benefit, because, this rules are made to benefit the user or customer. And that’s why you should always read this bunch of words in a small window.

Going back to the AIC Triad, if

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CIA Triad

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In the world of information security, the standard basic model for the implementation and evaluation of the information security in every system and organization is the CIA Triad. CIA stands for: Confidentiality Integrity Availability Confidentiality For an organization to properly implement confidentiality into a system, the content should only be accessible by an authorized individual …

The importance of CIA: confidentiality, integrity and availability

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In network security, there are 3 fundamental concepts called accessibility, confidentiality, and integrity. If any of the 3 is not present, the other 2 can’t be either achieved. Availability We need to make sure that all our systems and networks stay up and running properly 24/7. This term involves everything related to capacity, performance, and … Continue reading The importance of CIA: confidentiality, integrity and availability

WSQ1: Introduction and ACI

Introduction to Computer and Information Security

Watch these videos and then  please find your resources. I highly recommend that you follow Bruce Schneier, Brian Krebs and others in the security field.

Availability, Confidentiality, and Integrity

Three key concepts here in computing security in availability, confidentiality, and integrity. Watch this video but you want to dive much deeper on this over the semester.

Your assignment should you choose to accept it

Research on your own about availability, confidentiality, and integrity and write a blog post (include your references, images, videos) about your thoughts on the topic as it stands now.

Bonus Video with Maggie

Maggie Jauregui graduated from our program a few years ago. This is her presentation at DEF CON 22. We had the privilege to have Maggie join us last year in a Google Hangout with the course and perhaps we can do that again this year.

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