Seguridad e informatica en el momento – 1no

--Originally published at TC3045 – Alejandro Güereca and College


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Primero que nada, las publicaciones en este blog serán un poco diferentes este semestre. Debido a que no existen muchas fuentes sobre seguridad en la informática en español y uno de los objetivos que se tiene este semestre es difundir este tipo de noticias a un nivel nacional las noticias publicadas aquí serán escritas en español. Con eso dicho, entremos directo a la noticia de la semana. 

La segunda red social más popular, Instagram, añadió tres nuevas herramientas de seguridad que ayudara a los usuarios de esta proteger sus cuentas. Se añadió soporte para autentificación de dos factores por medio de terciarios, una sección de “Sobre esta cuenta” en donde se puede ver historia e información de una cuenta en específica para verificar su autenticidad y ahora los usuarios pueden aplicar por una verificación para su cuenta. 

Se puede encontrar la nota completa en esta liga:

RSS Feeder

--Originally published at TC3045 – Alejandro Güereca and College


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For the beginning of the semester I need to set up a RSS Feed so that I can have a place to get different news of topics of my interest, which is pretty helpful even outside security. I downloaded a Feed that acts as an extension for Chrome so I guess that is a pretty good start. I added to the feeder the blogs of  Bruce Schneier and Brian Krebs. Here’s a picture of the current sources for my feed.idk.png

Setting up blog for security course and making my LastPass account.

--Originally published at TC3045 – Alejandro Güereca and College


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So, yet another course with Ken has come. That means more blogging, so much fun, and I say that with no sarcasm. It is really hard to convey tone in text but the point is that blogging starts again and this time it will be focused on security, because that is what the course is about. First thing in the agenda was to setup my blog, which it was easy, I just created a new category and I will be writing under that.

Now, I needed set up my LastPass account. I thought it would be easy to do this, since I thought I already had an account for it, but I was wrong. I had to create a new account and now I’m just browsing like normal adding my numerous accounts to the LastPass listing. After doing the security challenge I got a 68%, so not so good. Fun stuff.