Goodbye iTecGDA

--Originally published at Untitled.

First of all, I want to thank our proffesor Ken Bauer and all the guest speakers we had during this week-long course for their time and knowledge. All of them were very nice, taught us a lot and motivated me to keep making me present online!

I learned a lot this week. Now I know what Digital Identity is (or should I say Digital Presence). It made me reflect on everytime I post something online or when I interact with someone I do not know online. I learned that what I post online is a part of my identity and that I should be careful with what I post online, so I do not hurt others or I give a bad image to myself.

But my final conclusion is that as a person, I should be more invested in being a resident in the social media I use because that could bring me a lot of good opportunities, from meeting new people to making my voice heard.

Finally, I want to thank everyone who read me during this week. I do not think I will keep writing because well, writing is not my thing, but I love to tweet, so you should follow me on Twitter (@thecokemermaid).