Goodbye iTecGDA

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First of all, I want to thank our proffesor Ken Bauer and all the guest speakers we had during this week-long course for their time and knowledge. All of them were very nice, taught us a lot and motivated me to keep making me present online!

I learned a lot this week. Now I know what Digital Identity is (or should I say Digital Presence). It made me reflect on everytime I post something online or when I interact with someone I do not know online. I learned that what I post online is a part of my identity and that I should be careful with what I post online, so I do not hurt others or I give a bad image to myself.

But my final conclusion is that as a person, I should be more invested in being a resident in the social media I use because that could bring me a lot of good opportunities, from meeting new people to making my voice heard.

Finally, I want to thank everyone who read me during this week. I do not think I will keep writing because well, writing is not my thing, but I love to tweet, so you should follow me on Twitter (@thecokemermaid).



Reflection on Day 5

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When expressing yourself online, you need to be careful with trolls and cyber bullying. One way to combat them is to ignore them and do not feed them because if you ignore them, they eventually get tired and live you alone. 

Also, although blogging and writing in public spaces can help us out as therapy or just to free ourselves from things that we keep inside, we need to have boundaries online.  We need to know the difference between personal and private presence. You do not want to have private information in public. What we need to do is to share our personal nature without sharing private information that can put us in danger and if you want to blog about something that involves someone else, try to ask for permission.

Don’t make private information public.

Day 5

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This day started exactly like the others, with Ken giving us a introduction and an open discussion.

Afterwards, we had a guest speaker: Diego Zavala

This time it was different because it wasn’t an online hangout, but Diego was physically present.

During this time, he showed us some examples of cool videos and then we followed to make our own video with the material of the Video Safari. I had to use an online video editor (Stupeflix) because I do not have one downloaded.

Here’s my video:

10:30 – Break time

After the break, we had our final guest speakers:  Rebecca Hogue & Helen DeWaard

Here’s the link:

And well, that was Day 5 and the last day of this week-long course.

Thank you very much.

Reflection on Day 4

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When talking about technology, there is the dilemma if it brings us closer or further apart . But in reality, technology brings us closer. Small human comunication brings us closer together.  Social media gives us the opportunity to interact with people from all over the world, make new friends and find people who want to talk about topics we are interesed in. However, it is important that you do not leave your face to face interactions apart just because you want to be on the internet. 


Day 4

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Today we followed to do a simple activity where we had to comment on 5 blogs of the class. Then, Ken showed us how to use some new tools and resources. For this, I chose a module from and read one about Trolling because I thought it was fun. Also, I found a really useful resource: StoryMapJS. Maybe it not that useful for blogging but I think this would be useful for me because I have one class where I need to hand in maps about the content. Today I learned how to use Giphy too.

Secondly, we went on a Video Safari around the campus.

11:30 – Break time.

Today’s guest speaker: Maha Bali

And well, that was Day 4.




Reflection on Day 3

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   When going online, you need to build your own digital presence and interact with people. This way you realize that you actually can have simple human conversations just like in real life. One way of doing this is to share images of your surrounding or the objects you own. Presence is not about content but about how you make people feel and what they will remember about you. Social presence is about what you bring on the table. It is funny how online presence demands more effort and international signals than physical presence and face to face interaction. In order to develop presence, do not just lurk.  Having an online presence can give you many opportunities and lets you be in the conversations you want to be in. 

Try to be a resident, not just a visitor.


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On day 3, we had to classify in which social media we are visitors and which we are residents.

Visitor: “When in Visitor mode, individuals decide on the task they wish to undertake” (White, 2015).

Resident: “When in Resident mode the individual is going online to connect to, or to be with, other people” (White, 2015).

It was supposed to be like a map, but well, mine looks more like a list.


After doing this, I realized I am more of a visitor than a resident in the majority of the social media and tools I use. My favorite is Twitter, so there I have a strong digital presence (or that is what I like to think).



White, D. (2015).Visitors & Residents. Digital-Learning-Culture. Retrieved from 

Day 3

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First, Ken gave us an introduction about what we would be doing today (like always). Also, he showed us a video.

We were supposed to have the guest speakers at 10, but there was a misundertanding and we had them at 9.

Guest speakers of the day:  Autumm Caines , Bonnie Stewart & Sundi Richard.

Here’s the video of the talk:

They taught us the difference between visitors and residents and why it is important to be a resident.

We also did a map about in which social media we are visitors and which we are residents (Click here for mine).

10:00 – Break time.

Afterwards, we followed to see onscreen some of the maps of the group. Then Ken intereacted with us and we also had time to work on our blogs and do the audio interview activity.

And well, that was Day 3.

Reflection on Day 2

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    When talking about digital presence, you do not have to live by expectations and roles like in real life. You also can have digital presence no matter where you are physically. And not everything you post online has to be deeply meaningful because at the end, it is about who you are, expressing yourself and what you feel comfortable with sharing via text, pictures, videos or any way you want. Nonetheless, it is truly important to respect other’s people boundaries and privacy. 

Digital presence gives you the opportunity to find people with the same interests and find a community that supports you. However, popularity is not that important for your digital presence, so do not get discourage if not many people read what you have to say. And it is not that you have different personalities in each social media, but it is that you use them for different things just as it happens in real life where you act differently in each situation.

Always blog for yourself and say what you need to say without hurting someone else or yourself.

Photo Safari

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As part of the activity of today, we had to go around the campus and take pictures that represented the 5 things we liked about ourselves (the ones we wrote yesterday in a card).

For this activity, I first took the pictures and then followed to “edit” them on Snapchat. I put my Bitmoji (a personal cartoon) in 4 of the 5 pictures.

I decided to use my Bitmoji because I think it identifies me and when I created it, I tried it to make it as similar to me as I could, with my short red hair and a green jacket I love (which I’m actually wearing right now).

Here are my pictures:

This is an ‘Open sign’ representing my open mind, which it is something I like about myself due to the fact that lets me learn and understand new things. img_8148


This is a poster of my major, which I decided it is something I like about myself because well, it is something that will build my personality and identity in the following 3 years that I have left of college. img_8150

This image shows three of my friends. My friends are something I like because they are really cool and make me a better person. I was lucky with this picture because at first only Dany (who is also in the workshop, here’s her blog: heyitsdany) was supposed to appear, but then I found two other friends and asked them to also appear. img_8151

This one shows my eyelashes. My eyelashes are my favorite physical attribute, so it was obvious that I would pick them as something I like about myself.img_8154

 This is a picture showing one of my shoes. These are Dr. Martens and I also have another pair (they are purple). I am in love with these brand of boots and I been obssesed with them since I was in middle school. Maybe it is kind of weird that I chose something material that I liked about myself, but these boots are something that give me personality and represent my style.img_8152


*I found this activity a little bit hard because I do not describe myself as someone creative, so I actually did not know what to do to represent the things I like about myself, but at the end, everything went alright and well, I was able to write this post.

Ps. I’m sorry if they’re not good pictures, I suck for this. But anyways, here is the proof I am in fact wearing that green jacket.