More About Digital Presence

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Today Maha Bali talked to us she works at the Center for Learning & Teaching at the American University in Cairo. It was awesome because she’s far from Mexico and because we met her daughter.

She told us about her experience with YouTube videos, I liked it because I feel the same as her, I rather writing something than making videos, I hate it when I hear my voice or watch me on video, now I feel like I’m not the only one and I know that I can improve by practicing and that it’s ok if what I make is not perfect.That was relevant to me.

I learned the concept of “Digital Citizenship” and the importance of  building personal private relationships with people through internet, not only have a public digital presence, having private conversation for example.

Once more I heard about how important it is to be part of a good community, we should be good listeners and also participants. This is not one of my strong skills, but that doesn’t mean I can’t improve and become a digital superstar (at least in the field that I like).

I encourage you to watch the whole talk.

Visitor vs. Resident

--Originally published at Lucía's iTec Blog

I’d like to start this post by showing you the following video, it’s short and explains you the concepts of visitors and residents, if you want to be more familiar to them I encourage you to watch it.

Now that you know what a visitor and a resident are I want to tell you about the talk that we had today in our Digital Identity course. It was about our digital presence (which is different from digital identity).

I liked it when Bonnie said that our digital presence is our sense of us as human beings, It was really like a revelation because, to be honest, I don’t think of me as a person even when I know that I am one. Maybe this is why I find it so difficult to interact and not only consume but attribute to others online, I don’t even do it in my regular life.

The fact that Bonnie, Autumn and Sundi have created professional relationships through their online presence, inspires me and I’m determined to overcome my shyness and start having a stronger online presence, because presence creates opportunities and allows you to be in the conversations that you want to be.

After this talk we made a map where we wrote the social media that we used in our personal and professional life and classified them according to the way we used them; as visitors or as residents. This is my map:



Then I talked to my dad about this and asked him to report his experience with social media and technology, I liked the approach that he gave to the topic. If want to know how my dad feels about technology you can hear the audio below.


Photo Safari

--Originally published at Lucía's iTec Blog

As part of an activity in which we defined our identity we did a “Photo Safari”, I liked it because it was outside of the auditory and I’m a really active person. The photos I took are below with a brief explanation of why I took them.


This is EIAD and as an engineering student it represents an important part of me.


For this one I cut a random Japanese word and I don’t know what does it mean, then there is the word “October” and it is my birth month with two things that I like, my laptop and some candies.


I am very reflexive and have lots of questions but I’m shy and might google them instead of asking.


I love learning and those things with the red seeds.


I also like boots a lot, I’m short so I especially like ankle boots with heels.

I think that everyone should do this activity, it helps you bring out your creativity and also let you explain in a more artistic and tangible way who you are. Thanks Ken, I loved this.  ?

To post or not to post?

--Originally published at Lucía's iTec Blog

Digital Identity is basically who we are online and today this is really important. We shouldn’t try to hide or to be invisible because this is an amazing tool that can, not only help us, but others. In class we talked to Dave Cormier and I decided to make a flowchart based on what I learned from him, hopefully it may be helpful for you.

Should I Post It- (2).png