Day 4 – Learning more!!

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So today we learn some thing about programs on internet that we can use. Ken suggested some programs like Camtasia so we can record some videos, and also edit them. I used to use Sony Vegas Pro 12 to edit videos but, like how you imagine, I used a pirate version so I think I would not use it anymore.

proudI already install Camtasia, free version, so i can edit the videos we are gonna use tomorrow for the final class?

But yeah, today I learn that there are a lot of programs that you can use, and a lot of them are free or at leats cheap, and that contributes to help the people that create them!!clapSo I hope my videos are okay for tomorrow’s class and hope it would be a great final class!!!

Day 3 – Knowing more about our media!!

--Originally published at Semana i – Digital Identity

Today we learn that we can interact with the media in 4 different ways, and at least there’re alway 2 connected. The four aspects are: Personal, Professional, Resident and Visitor. We share our works with other classmates and we learn that we can see or interact with a media, and can be personal or personal.


Then we make an interview to our classmates so we can discuss about our soccial media preferences.


Day 1 !!

--Originally published at Semana i – Digital Identity

Getting started for semana i!!

Today we start our semana i with a little talk from Dave Cormier, who knows a lot of internet identity and security, he gave us some advices and talk about some situations he has. After that, we wrote down what we percive ourselfs in a little piece of paper. Then we set up our site. I hope I learn more about internet security.