A new digital adventure.

--Originally published at IWeek: Digital Identity

Today was the beginning of the IWeek, I could say it’s my first one because one was “Taller Vertical” and the other one was a trip to Seattle and San Francisco, but that’s a story for another time.

For the first day, it was actually pretty good. I had an idea of what I had to do during the week, like write a blog and learn about how you can develope you identity on the Internet in a good way, protecting the information that is important to you, but also to be open with the world.


It was really fun the talk with Dave Cormier, I really enjoyed it. The only thing that maybe was bad was that we always asked about bad things and the bad consequences of a bad digital identity and never talked about the good thing or the advantages, but maybe tomorrow the other expositors talk about it (I am one of the people that asked a question).

And the videos were really cool too. A lot about control what you should upload to the internet, because it can be a record of all the things (good, bad, embarrasing, intelligent, disrespectful, etc.).