An artistic resident

--Originally published at Digital Identity

“Sunset” by Julian Revolorio 

In today’s post I will focus in the way we interact in the internet. David White describes that there’s two ways of interacting with the internet. One is the visitor side of it. You get in, you get what you want, and you’re out of there. Fast, easy, no trace of you. Now, the residence is a little bit more interesting in a way. In a resident way you get into a community, and you give some kind of contribution to it. Whether it’s a comment, a video, a blog, a tweet, as long as it’s published in the web it’s a resident style interaction. All right, so those are two ways of interactions, but it’s also important two know how you use them. Is it in personal level, or a little bit more professional level? Doing this you can start to get an idea of what kind of stuff are you leaving behind you in the web.

For example, I love reddit. I check it every day, but I don’t really post that much. I think that I’ve posted about three things, and they were mainly asking something to the community. So since I don’t post or comment stuff in the site I use it in a more visitor way, and I also use it at a personal level.

Here’s a small diagram about my usage of social media:


Just to leave things clear. I don’t use Pinterest. It’s an interesting platform but I don’t use it. My friend Luly wrote it there, and I didn’t bother to take it off.

Now let’s other media. It’s a nice break from my written ramblings. So, here’s a small discussion I had with one of my oldest closest friends: Julian “Feakej” Revolorio. You can check his twitter right here, and I will also leave his DeviantArt page here. Actually, the picture in the beginning of this post was made by him. Enjoy.