Day 2 #Semanai #iTecGDA

--Originally published at Digital Identity

Well, today was a very productive day. We did lots of things. At 8 am, professor Ken start talking about what we were going to do all day long, after that he gave us time (about) 20 min to read the investigation, post and links of the people we were going to be talking during the day. By people, I mean experts in digital identity. By the way, I am going to write their names in order of time we talk to them during the day. Laura Gogia and Lee Skalerrup (they talked at the same time) and then Alan Levine and Amy Burvall (also they talked at the same time. I could tell us what the interactive conferences were about, but I would take too long and I would miss lots of details and information. So you could watch the conferences clicking this links (the fist one is fr the fist conference and the second link for the second conference). 

Well, before we started with the conferences, we did a very funny activity. We a photo safari, for about an hour. The idea of the safari was to take pictures about things that are related to us, that could discribe our personality and how we think and feel. This photos doesn’t really have to be things that you like or feel comfortable with them, also it could be things that you hate, fear or simply you don’t like. I add my photos to my blog, in my case I took pictures of my hobbies and passions, my present that will define my future, and things that relax me.