Day 3: Social networks

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Today’s workshop was mostly dedicated to social networks and identifying the way we use them. The topic was also discussed by today’s guest speakers Autumm CainesDr. Bonnie Stewart, and Sundi Richard. The video can be found here.

Fist, we watched a video about the concept of digital native. I agree with some of the points presented but find myself closer to Ken’s opinion that growing up without technology doesn’t mean you can’t learn to use it properly. If I were to classify myself, I’m not really “digitally native” as I started using the Internet a bit later into my childhood but started playing video games a bit earlier. I usually don’t participate in online conversations though I think that’s more about personality than me not feeling comfortable with the web. Usually, I’m mostly looking at content online and very rarely do I contribute and only do it in sites I’m comfortable with.

Later, we were introduced to #VandR. The hashtag stands for Visitor and Resident. #VandR is a way to classify social networks depending on how you use them. Only looking at content makes you a visitor while contributing makes you more of a resident. The speakers also mentioned that a second axis should be added that goes from personal to professional. Here is mine to make it clearer:


I must mention that some of the networks in the Visitor-Professional area should be more on the resident side. At the time of making it, I thought not engaging too much meant you were a visitor. WordPress, for example, should be moved a lot to the right. While I don’t currently use it very much, I only check the teacher’s blog and make posts myself. Making posts makes me contribute to WordPress making me a resident. Being a resident means your presence on the site leaves something behind while being a visitor means your activity on the site isn’t made public. For example, I visit the XDA forums often but never comment, so my presence on the site is kept to myself.

To end the class, we were asked to interview another person about their social network habits. Here is my interview with Gerardo Juarez:

Thanks for reading and here is today’s GIF: