Flashy flesh

--Originally published at Identidad digital

During my short career as a designer I have noticed than most of my clients and people that have asked for my advice as a designer have a certain inclination towards a ‘flashy’ approach to design. I believe I had the same inclination not so long ago. But something has changed, I feel like franc design is the kind of conception I value the most. In my opinion, the beauty of an object relies on how it was conceived and how honest the designer was towards the approach of solving a problem with this ‘new’ design in the simplest way. This simple way includes using the most logic materials, shapes and colors according to the situation. However I’m aware that that is not the most popular opinion.

I would call a silent object to the things that solve the task they are supposed to and integrate to a franc life. And that kind of design is what I aspire to create and what I think we should aim to possess. Because there is no use having intricate, flashy objects when you can have a silent one that can perform the task we are looking to solve.

I believe the spirit of an object can drastically change the atmosphere of the place it is located.

Ordinary, natural looking -hence beautiful- objects can make people feel in a more sincere atmosphere. Even if it does not seem like it, there is something about telling the truth that makes people more reliant, authentic and happy.