Last day, J.K. This course Never Ends

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Well, todays talk was interesting; there were certainly more people participating today. Im going to divide this blog into the different questions that we had.

a) The first thing we talked about were HATERS. When we talked to Dave Cormier he started off by saying don’t become famous. He said this so we could avoid being attacked on the internet. Now we addressed this question to Rebecca Hogue and Helen DeWaard. What I understood from what they say is that we should address it but not feed it. We have to remember that we can always block anybody from any social media. We should be alert with our stuff and if we aren’t going to use it, then we should delete our account. Another thing we can do is find out what is feeding that person, normally it is the reaction, so basically just don’t react to what they are saying.

b) Then they talked to us about how much of our personal life we should share on the internet via blog or any other social media. We shouldn’t post things like our address, phone number and in some cases, family members. We are trying to be seen as human but we don’t need to have private information in public.

When we write something on our blog we have to think about CLM (career limiting move) and that is to think about whether or not, what we are about to post could be used against us when asking for a job. Another thing to think about is whether or not, what we are about to post is useful to others or not. If it is not then we can write the blog and just leave as a draft and not post it.

c) When there is something about you that you don’t want to surface the best thing we can do es do more good stuff so that you can bury the negative things. As Ken said, if we want to erase negative stuff we just have to post a lot of positive stuff.

d) There are people who want to avoid creating a digital identity but Rebecca says that if we don’t actively work to create a positive one then one will be created for us and we are going to get one that other people make up for us.

Here is the talk in case you personally want to see it, there are other things that they talked about too.

At the beginning of the class we had Diego Zavala teach us a little about making videos. He showed us where to download music, photos and even footage in a legal way. We downloaded things that had a creative commons license. After the lecture, we had to make a video of our own. I made a video with my friends and here is the result.