Digital Presence

--Originally published at Frida Díaz

During our second day in Semanai we had the chance to talk with Laura Gogia, an educator expert on the area of Digital Presence. Although this course is named Digital Identity, Laura Gogia proposes an innovation in the name, as the term presence also involves how you interact with others.

“Presence is closely related to but different from identity.  Identity is who you are; presence is how you behave. How you present yourself.  How you engage with the space and others in it” (Gogia, 2016).

Also, Laura believes that aesthetics are important when making a blog; furthermore, it´s important to “take a step back and look at their blog site through the eyes of a stranger” (Gogia, 2016) every now and then. This way, you can engage your site with constant improvement and make it nice for others. Also, including pictures gives a sense of better understanding (Gogia, 2016).

She makes emphasis on how everyone should publish whatever they want as long as they understand what they are talking about .It is fundamental that you do NOT seek for someone t tell you what to publish. It´s okay to receive some suggestions and try to help other with confusing concepts, but do not seek for approval. The web is dynamic. If you don’t like something anymore, erase it! If it´s necessary, change EVERYTHING.

“I change the purpose, organization, and appearances of my websites – including this one – fairly regularly”(Gogia, 2016).


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