Google sait tout de vous

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Il est impossible de rester anonyme sur internet. On a tous une identité digital. De plus en plus, les bébés pas encore nés ont déjà une identité digital, notamment sur facebook.

On utilise tous google quotidiennement comme un simple moteur de recherche, comme un serveur pour nos mails ou d’une application pour se repérer sur une carte.

Cependant, pensez à toutes les données que vous communiquez à google avec ces trois activités, elles laissent toute une trace. A travers cela, le geant américains Google collecte toutes les données sur votre vie, vos interets, votre personnalité, votre lieu d’habitiation et le lieu du travail…. Tout.

Google argumente la collecte de donnée comme un moyen de fournir un service plus personnalisé et adapaté à chaque internaute. Imaginez en tant que moteur de recherche, Google connait vos interrogations, vos interets, vos reves, vos interrogations, vos besoins, vos déplacements… En tant que boite e-mail, Google peut savoir toute vos données sur votre travail, sur vos relation personnelles, sur vos choix, sur vos interets… En tant que Map, Google peut savoir  ou vous habitez, votre tajet jusqu’au travail, l’heure de départ le matin, vos activités…. TOUT

Savez -vous que si vous supprimez votre compte Gmail, Google garde vos données pendant 6 Mois?

Google propose de controler la collecte de ses donnees. Vous pouvez activier ou désactiver la collecte de données pour certains services.

Jusqu’où va le controle de nos données sur internet? qui peut utiliser ses données ? Doit on avoir peur du big data?

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How much does social media affect our society?

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Today, social media are a large part of the stakeholders of our life. Indeed, there are many facts which insist on the influence of them on consumer behaviour, and also on buying impact. They could be both positive and negative but it depends in which ways they are used. Here, some impacts and influences of social media everyday:

  • We are conscious to lose time but we continue to scroll our facebook wall, and instagram…
  • We are always affraid to miss something
  • We can be a different person
  • Others rub off on us and vice versa

However, social media are become an easy way to communicate for companies. With these social media, companies can now targeted their customers for free. The increasing popularity of social sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, social networks has gained attention as the most viable communication choice for the bloggers, article writers and content creators. What is also very useful, is to unite many people on the same platform to discuss about the same topic or the same subject.


They can also interfering :

  • You spend more money through apps, games, and tracking advertisement…
  • Leads to addiction
  • Sharing too much information
  • Disability to think independently
  • Privacy
  • Decrease productivity



The 5 / 5 / 5

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During the semana i, our teacher told us to share to others 15 things:

a- 5 things I do well

b- 5 things I would like to improve

c- 5 things that people don’t know about me


This is why I decided to create a post in order to share it with you

A) 5 things I do well

  •  I’ve been playing soccer for 12 years
  • I practice ski every winter since I’m 2 years old
  • I like playing Poker
  • I’m skillfull at vidéo games, especially soccer games
  • I don’t have too many difficulties in school

B) 5 things I would like to improve

  • My spanish (this is why i’m here in Guadalajara)
  • My motivation
  • My physical condition
  • Cooking
  • My ortografy

C) 5 things that people don’t know about me

  • My mother is from the U.S, so I also have the american nationality
  • I come from the south of France, but I did my last four years of studies in the north east of France alone, near Germany in Strasbourg
  • My grandfather is the former ski french team’s coach
  • I totally don’t care of what people think of me
  • I’m pregnant