Thank You

--Originally published at Digital Identity

There’s not much more to say about this workshop. Thank you Ken for all the effort you put into this, for making me interested in something I used to think was useless. I take something for the rest of my life from each of the people we spoke to. Maha, Ken, Diego, Laura, Lee, Dave, Alan, Amy, Autumn, Bonnie, Sundi, Rebecca and Helen, I have nothing else to say that thank you so much for giving me tools that I’m sure I will use the rest of my life.

Unfortunately, I don’t see myself blogging in the near future. I’m convinced it has a lot of benefits to spread your thoughts, your ideas and your feelings to an audience you may not even know, but right now I just don’t think I have enough time. Besides, I prefer other types of media to express how I feel, like pics, GIFs and videos, and my Tumblr blog did, does, and will always suit me for that purpose. But who knows? Maybe a year from now I will be a superstar blogger.

I didn’t make any friends. But that’s cool. I found out more about myself, and God knows I’ve been trying to make progress in my self-knowledge and self-acceptance.

I will close this chapter of my life with my video. I’m sorry for the nasty watermark, I just spent so much time in it that I couldn’t spend more hours of my life trying to find another tool. I’m very satisfied with the result, so here it is:

’till the next time.


--Originally published at Juan Pablo Hallal

30 / September / 2016

This week was full of learning. I learn about how my digital identity has a presence on the Internet and how to take care of it, as well as how to use it responsibly and with precaution; but also as myself, using my very own voice.

I would like to thank all the guest speakers we had: Dave Cormier, Laura Gogia, Lee Skallerup, Alan Levine, Amy Burvall, Autumm Caines, Bonnie Stewart, Sundi Richard, Maha Bali, and Diego Zavala. And I also would like to thank our mentor throughout the whole week, Ken Bauer.

Thank you all for your time, experience and dedication.