Data analysis with tools (to be determined which tool) #TC1017 #Mastery29

Data analysis with tools (to be determined which tool)  1017 29

The development of a comprehensive computer application should be performed by a number of common steps to all the methodologies. In these steps it is called the life cycle of an application. This cycle consists of six basic steps: analysis, design, coding, implementation, testing and maintenance.

The analysis examines the requirements that must meet the application. The result of the analysis is a specification sheet on which the application requirements appear. This sheet is drawn up by the person responsible for the process of creating the application. If you are creating simple algorithms or programs, the analysis is to assess these three basic steps:

Determining your inputs. That is, the data has to start the program execution. These data provide the result.

Determine the exits. That is, the data obtained as a result algorithm. What the algorithm returns the user.

Determining the process. Studied what the process is to be performed.

If you perform these steps before you start coding regardless of the language you use, you’re going to make quality programs and you will eliminate many errors that can arise if you analyze the program and the requirements they ask the program.

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