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#mastery24 Creation and use of tuples in Python

A tuple is an unchangeable sequence of values.

x=(“Gilberto”,18,”ISC”)   tuple is written with ()

When you do this you create a tuple with three elements. You can access these elements individually by typing the variable and the then inside brackets directly to the right of the variable type the number of the element to which you are referring.

print (x[o])


Python starts numbering at 0 so Gilberto=0,18=1 and ISC = 2

Packing and Unpacking:

In tuple packing, the values on the left are ‘packed’ together in a tuple:


In tuple unpacking, the values in a tuple on the right are ‘unpacked’ into the variables/names on the right:


(Name,Age,Studies) = x


>>>Gilberto 18 ISC

Sources for info. about tuples: Link




Gilberto Rogel García


Python conventions (Zen of Python)


Coding conventions are rules that were created by programers to make people’s life easier when reading a code. 

These conventions were created in order to have a better style when programming and that way, make the code easier to understand. 

Coding conventions include: