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Mastery 04

This is the video for the mastery04, quite easy once you understand the page, I had some problems with it at the beginning but asked a friend for help.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eh0VCjJ1Hj8

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Submit work via Blog RSS and GitHub

To submit your work via Blog RSS you will need to tag a post so the information can be gathered by the system (in this case we use “#”). Example: This will allow the system to gather all the posts that are tagged like that and to take them to a single page so the users can see what other users say about a specific topic.

And to submit it via GitHub you will need to create an account: Join GitHub

Once you have your account you will need to download the GitHub app:

                                                           Mac       Windows

Now, I’ll share with you this AWESOME VIDEO so you can learn how to use the app to upload your codes from your computer to the web.

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Mastery 04

Submit work via Blog RSS and GitHub
the link to my github:

TC1017 04

Submit work via Blog RSS and GitHub #TC1017 #Mastery04

Submit work via Blog RSS and GitHub 1017 04

Hello world 🙂

For Upload in your blog  post first create an account, then chose the option POST and start your posting,then put # of your type of class in my case is 1017 and then # the kind of work that you are doing.

Here is the link about how to submit in Github is very easy 🙂 


#mastery04 #MASTERY04

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This mastery is to demsotrate how to upload work via Github but i will teach you how to do it.

1.-To begin with is you have to create a Github account which a supose you already have if your in Ken´s class.

2.- Second you will have to download the github app to your computer. link for windows (https://windows.github.com/).

3.- After you download it  go to the plus symbol “+” and click on clone.

4.- Now go to the web into your account and create a repository with any name you want.

5.- Now return to app and insert the url of the repository you created.

6.- After that choose a carpet in your documents were you have your codes (I suggest you to put your carpet and your repository the same name). 

7.- Click sync so it will sync with your carpet.

8.- Click were it  says, commits and do the commit or the change.

9.- Click sync again so it will upload to your repository in the web.

That is if you want to upload a file having the github app. In case your app doesn´t work or you don´t have it, go to the web, click on your repository and were it says “branchmaster” and your repositoriy´s name, is a plus symbol “+”. Click there and select the file you want to sumbit.


I hope you understand so i can get my two points in this mastery!



This is my video for Mastery04




Hi guys!!! This is my mastery 04 about how to Submit work via Blog RSS and GitHub


1017 04

Mastery 04

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