A pink hurricane

--Originally published at Frida Díaz

Amy Burvall is a well-know teacher that loves supporting startups that help spreading education. Since she beat breast cancer about 10 years ago, she encourages everyone into living life and having fun.

For perfectionist people, like me, she developed the term “raw thought”. A “raw thought” is the creation of a short post that is more of a draft. At the end of the draft you write the words “raw thought” which means you will make it better somewhere in the future.

She recommends everyone to spend at least half an hour a day being creative. Visuals are excessively relevant in social media communication. Do not have an intended audience, at the end of the day, anyone can see it. And most importantly, publish something that is helpful and only publish what your mother would approve.

I recommend everyone to visit Amy’s blog and twitter account. They are full of mesmerizing drawing she made herself and lot of pink details that show her feminine side. Every single one of her post is flooded with creativity and style.