Dawn of The Final Day -The Rest of the Semester Remains-

--Originally published at Site Title 2

Semana i has finally finished and with it so does this Digital Identity workshop. I will start today’s blog by saying that I really enjoyed the course. My only complaint is that it felt a bit repetitive on some topics. Other than that, I really took somethings from it. Being able to interact with people who play a large role on the Internet felt very special. Some of the things we discussed taught me stuff I’ll hopefully never forget. Moving forward I’m the one who has the task of applying what I learned. I know I probably won’t put everything I learned in practice, but I’ll do some of them at least.

Friday started with  a very different activity from what we are used to. We had a quick class about storytelling through video with Diego Zavala. He talked about how film used to be much more about the technical aspect, but, as technology made it more accessible, storytelling became the factor to push productions apart from others. We looked at various examples of different techniques that can be used to easily achieve successful storytelling. As an assignment we were asked to create a video that managed to tell a simple story, which led to this beauty:

It was a funny activity and I know I’ll regret posting this video publicly someday.

For the second half, we had another video conversation. This time we talked with Rebecca J. Hogue and Helen DeWaard. The video can be found here. Blogging was, once again, a very important topic and the reason for many questions. On the blogging side of things, I really liked the way they talked about how you can have different blogs and how, over time, they you may join different blogs. Rebecca’s cancer example was a great example of different blogging personas becoming one. Each of her blogs had a purpose but, as time passed, they started helping achieve the same goals. Another point showed clearly by Rebecca was about how blogging and storytelling can work together. Rebecca’s blog wasn’t a simple diary to record her activities during her disease. She was able to tell others what she was going through, her story, but, at the same time, she was able to help numerous cancer patients and survivors.

While no readily apparent, blogging has great potential, almost like a superpower. I hope if I ever become a regular blogger I’ll try to use that opportunity to do something good with my words.