What I learned

--Originally published at My Thoughts Corner

Blogging was an all new experience to me, sharing my thoughts via the internet is something i didn’t find imagined myself doing anytime soon, even social networks such as Twitter or Facebook, the way iWeek hashtags became trending topics its amazing, how the internet connects people, the videoconferences with those who really know their way on setting up and expressing a digital identity, showing the world who you are through the power of the internet0


I felt that this workshop enlightened me on how to make use of a tool as powerful as this, and being only the tip of the iceberg, with more time in hands, and clearer goals such as helping people out with the same interests i have, making friends from all over the world, communicating with them and even teaching them stuff I know.

I really liked how this workshop came out, from being pretty much lost in the interweb, to having a little place where i can share my thoughts, show off what i do and how i do it.