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#BONUS #TC1014


Here is my video about my opinion about Ken`s class and the flipped clasroom.

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#Mastery30 #TC1014

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This video is about reading files in python

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#Mastery26 #TC1014

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In this tutorial I talk about the creation and use of strings in python.

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#Mastery25 #TC1014

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A video about creation and use of ranges in python.

#Mastery20 #TC1014

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In this video I talk about how to use loops with for.

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#Mastery18 #TC1014

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This video is about nesting of conditionals in python.

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#Mastery14 #TC1014

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Hello guys. So this is my video explaining how to create and use modules in python.

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#Mastery13 #TC1014

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Hi there everyone! This is a tutorial about how to import an use modules in python. Hope you like it!

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#WSQ16 #TC1014

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The function was the easy part of this programm. The part I had trouble with was opening the .txt. When I ran the programm it couldn´t find the file. This made my life so much easier:

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#ECOS #TC1014


Done with the evaluations. Teachers, thank you for your hard work!