Get Coding WSQ01

Well I already got all the stuff I should have for my self learning and the course, so here are some screen shots to probe it. I use Mac and my text editor of preference is Atom, I haven’t try a better one, its very intuitive with the colors, and very easy to understand, so for beginners I think is perfect.

Captura de pantalla 2016-01-22 a las 9.57.13 p.m.

Probably you need to download Xcode from the App Store in your mac or the official web from Apple (this is the link for the Apple website but it takes a ton of space in your hard rive so another solution is this creepy stuff Homebrew, I have no idea how it works because I downloaded Xcode, both are free.

And Finally to compile the code you will use the terminal in your mac, just search in finder for the terminal, obviously all this things are gonna change with windows users (only Atom will work too because is multiplataform), so for windows you should checkout my friend blog; Valeria’s blog probably she’s going to explain the windows  process in the near feature. Captura de pantalla 2016-01-22 a las 10.13.17 p.m..png


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