Final Project

For the Final Project my team and I created the famous game Atari Mars Invaders. During the developement of the project we learned lots of things related to the gui on programming. We also learned how to create the “controls” for the game.

It was very exciting to have an open project for the end of the course instead of a given project by the teacher. We could learn just by making something we love to do.

The code for the game is here.

Atari Mars Invaders



Project snake

The project snake is done. It took us a long time to complete this, but we finished it. Our snake game is ready to be played. However we had to download another text editor with c++ libraries included, its name is Dev++. Here is the code of our project and also we have included an .exe to run the game very easily.

Course Review

I enjoyed this semester because in the last semester I felt lost for several reasons, and in this semester i didn’t feel that way. I’ve learn a lot of things more in this course than I learn last semester. The topics viewed in this course were fine and appropriated, and the difficulty was good, because the wsq were getting harder every time we completed one. This course depends a lot on how much time you are gonna spend on the class at doing the activities or quizzes. It’s highly important and recommended to do not procrastinate, because there are too many activities to accomplish. I like this way of learning because it is based on your responsibility and your attitude to learn; it make you to be more mature about you organize. I also like the extra time that they gave us on doing the quizzes. This way of learning could be a total disaster or a great success; it just depends on the student.7f77546945f948560cdc26b12b99d5ccd390c2e39d2849d3423ae7608dac066a

Flipped learning!

Hey there, this is my last post of the course. I may go back sometime with this wordpress to make a record of my progress in programming. But lets get back to the main part. What are my thoughts about flipped learning. Sorry if I didn’t post a video of me talking, I really hate being in front of the cameras. But I will post every single thing that I like and the other thing that I dislike about flipped Learning. Because like everything, there is no perfection.

What are the pros of flipped learning, at least from my point of view. There is a lot of thing that ordinary grading or “teaching” had mistaken. The way that today schools grade students, are actually wrong. Because they grade the ability to remember thing for short periods of time, not actually the ability of the student to make solutions to the problems that he is put to. So the pros of this style of learning is that the teacher actually don’t teach some subject, it presents you with a problem or idea that you will need to develop, this way you can research for way to make it done. So this is more like the real world, outside the school. When a job needs to be done, you look for solutions, you don’t wait for someone with experience make the work for you. You need to fix or creat thing by yourself. Other thing that breaks the learning process, are the grades, that are dictated by the task you supposed to do. It doesn’t matter if you don’t learn anything from it. The point is just show the teacher that you did it. But with flipped learning you are actually showing the person in charge that you learn something and you


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Final Project

Hello there, here is Batmantec here again, with one of the last post’s of this semester. Now I am bringing to you guys the process that CanadaMike and I did to find the perfect final project. But like life is, there is specific way to make a program. We were in search for some projects, because our mind where to complex, by this I mean there were projects on our mind but this one where to complex and expensive. So we visit the site to look for some projects. The exact website is this one: This website had a cool set of ideas for C++ programs. The one that took our attention was “Simple file encryption (using something simple like ROT13” So Mike and I start researching about the topic. I already knew some stuff about how encryption works but still don’t understand completely.

The simplest way to say how encryption works is on this picture :Public_key_encryption_keys

(the picture was searched with google with the tools for reuse)

As you can see in the picture above, the encryption starts wit a file, in the example is use a plain text file, then after a process, with some keyword, they convert the file into a mess of data that no one can really understand. For getting the information you need the same process but in reverse, with the same algorithm, you just enter the keyword and get the original text on the output.

The problem that we face, is that there is not that much information for a program like this on C++, It was easier to found and example of the process on python.

After more than a week trying the program, we change our mind, because it was a lot of time consuming and we didn’t

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Here is the word Found #WSQ12

Hello there, for doing the #WSQ12 it was actually really different than the past one, I did some research online and with some friends, but we all had the same problem, that later one asking our teacher what would it be the problem we found out it was that it was because the string type wasn’t possible to use, so we did convert it to a character array, so we can use it. After finding this mistake, I was able to finish it.

Here are picture of the program running:


Here is the link to the code, if you want to check it:

WSQ10: Lists

In this wsq we had to get the values of the total, the average and the standard deviation from ten numbers. So firstly we had to do a list of the given numbers by using an array. Ken help us to do it and it turned just well, because he taught us how to do it simplier and clean and not the large one.

Here is my code finished:Wsq10

Quiz 5

Hey there, I am finally uploading all the Quiz, here I leave you the explanation for each one of the 2 problems of the Quiz 5 and how I solve it.

Part 1:

The part one of the Quiz was a little bit like the #YoSoy196 but it was a little bit different because for flipping the word I look on the internet for a different method because the one I use on the program that look for Lychrel numbers it uses a function to flip number using mod, but this time it was completely different, but in the process of checking it was the same as the #YoSoy196.

Here is what our teacher asked for:

  • Create a function called is_palindrome which receives a string as a parameter and returns true if that string is a palindrome, false otherwise. Remember that a palindrome is a word that is the same forward or backward. For full points your function must ignore case and must work with any character (not just letters). So (“Dad$dad” is a palindrome even though the D is capital and d is lower case).

You can check the hall assignment on this link:

Here is the link for the program:

Here is the pictures of the program running:


Part 2:

For the part 2 it was somehow easier for me to get it done, because I didn’t need to look on the internet  for doing it. I just recall some knowledge that I had before it from other programs.

Here is what our teacher asked for:

  • Create a function called find_threes that receives as a parameter a list (or Vector or array for C++ students) of numbers and returns the sum of all numbers in that list that are evenly divisible by 3. Note if using vectors,

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