WSQ04 – Flipped Learning

In this course we are experimenting with a new way of learning. It is called “Flipped Learning Classroom”, it is basically to learn at home and ask the question that we have about it the next day at class.

Also we are experimenting something called #AbolishGrades, this is great because we are having a class without grades and it is good because is less pressure for the students and we can be relaxed during the class more easily.

I think this method of learning is good in the way that we need to investigate to solve the problems that the teacher gave to us but also if we have some problems with them or if i don´t know to solve it i can ask to the teacher and he can tell how to solve my problem; but i also think in a traditional classroom i can learn a little more cause the teacher is also teaching during the class time and maybe i can find ways to solve my problem faster with that.

I like the thing that i don’t feel pressure because i can learn at my own pace.