Final Project

For the Final Project my team and I created the famous game Atari Mars Invaders. During the developement of the project we learned lots of things related to the gui on programming. We also learned how to create the “controls” for the game.

It was very exciting to have an open project for the end of the course instead of a given project by the teacher. We could learn just by making something we love to do.

The code for the game is here.

Atari Mars Invaders



Flipped Learning #WSQ04

When I heard my professor say that we are going to use a new style of learning I thought it would be as other friends that already took this course told me. But no, this time Ken Bauer decided to apply his new study method. Now everyone was “Free”, not exactly free because we still need a grade for the Institution.


With this new study method that Ken Bauer is using I learned everything I needed to learn and more relaxed than ever.

Everytime I have this class I come to the classroom and feel as I actually need to be. This class was the only one in which I felt this. I learned at my own rate, and I finished every work in time and well done.

School meme.jpg

This image is what I was supposed to feel every Tuesday and Friday, but with this new learning experience I felt the opposite.

In my experience in this first part of the Semester with this type of learning I lived a completely new school sensation. This should be used in every class, in every school. Believe me, there’s nothing better than not having to worry in delivering projects in a small period of time and in top of that a ridiculous grade for your pesonal effort. I was actually learning at my own rhythm and not coming to a borring class in which I need to follow at everytime the professor while taking forced notes.

School meme 1.jpg

#FlippedLearning #AbolishGrades is the best class experience a college student can have.

Quiz 3

The first program for the quiz made me think, it was easy but I needed to work with functions. That was the hardest part, but I figured out to make everything with just 1 function. I used the math.h library.


The second program was the Fibonacci number, this is the hardest program Ken has left us It is smaller than others but it needed a lot of logic to make it possible.


Quiz 1

In this Quiz I needed to create 3 programs, they were very easy. In the first one I needed to create a program to get the volume of a cylinder with a given radius and height by the user.



The second program was about making multiplication, division and getting the reminder between two numbers.


The third and last part of the quiz was making something similar of the second program but now with addition and substraction.


The quiz was easy, I finished it in time in class.