After the Ending

The last post of the course, yet this feels just like the beginning of my whole life. This time Ken let us be all nostalgic about the course instead of a standar quiz. Which is great since I was going to do this anyway. Sadly, I also have to put a video of this if I want to score a 100% about this. Therefore, you will have the pleasure to hear my Indian English accent at the end of the post even though I am 100% mexican.


As it may be known, I started the first semester of my career life, and this started with a 0% knowledge of it. This means that I did not even know how to print “Hello World” until now. Therefore, I was highly nervious about this course since I felt as I was going to fail it. Hopefully, a project called #AbolishGrades came from heaven to save my life. Not because I am lazy, but because this is a better style of grading. In Mexico, and several other countries,  we are graded by how much can we memorize and copy & paste it on an exam, yet we forget all about it at the end of the semester. We are even restricted to a limited number of absences. This project vanish all that learning syle since we are graded acording to what we have truly learned. I felt no pressure nor stress about not knowing how to code since this project gave me a chance to truly learn Python by little steps.

Now lets talk about the way Ken Bauer developed this course. If you grade Ken with the qualities a professor needs, Ken would show demonstrate that he deserves to be there. I mean, he clearly know about the course material as well

The Empyrean.png

some off-topic programming chapters. The learning method of this class was mainly Google-searching, yet Ken still knew who would freak out if the WSQ was to hard. He even had a great way to contact him by booking an appointment for a office meeting in a google doc that is available at all times if needed. In summary, Ken would know that we are still finding weird the #AbolishGrades project, so he would give us some clasic-style classes without making use of the stress factor about the clasic-style grading system.

I feel like I learned all the basics for programming and, atleast, most of the concepts needed that are universal for any programming language. Such as conditionals, loops, recursive funtions and more. However, I still need to get some off-school preparation for object oriented programming if I want to take the Salinas’ challenge next semester in Java. Salinas is a professor that has a reputation of making a course really hard, yet one becomes a master in programming after passing his classes.

Anyways, it was a pleasure writting a blog for this course, and I will always be open for any feedback or questions about any post of this blog. Now that we have truly reached the end, let me introduce you to the root of the title reference of the first and last blog post. This album is called “The Empyrean” and it’s autor is John Frusciante. This album, and most of his songs, have a different style that most of the songs mentioned in this blog, yet I feel that some of you could love it. If I could describe how going to heaven feels like in 54 minutes, this is how I would do it.

The Empyrean.png

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