Who are you exactly?

--Originally published at Digital Identity

Before jumping into the actual concepts of the subject at matter it’s really important to take into account one thing, and that is one’s individuality. It’s necessary to know who you are exactly to properly portray the person that you are in the internet. If you don’t do this chances are that you will have some trouble, talking from personal experience here, but I will touch that in a later post as well.

Now, today in my Semana i course with Ken Bauer we went in a photo safari. Honestly, I wasn’t very thrilled by the idea, but well it ended up being a pretty interesting exercise. The main reason I liked it is because Ken asked us to photograph stuff that has to do with some keywords based on things we like about us, things we would like to improve about us, and things that nobody knows about out. So, basically the idea was to take pictures that portray to a certain degree concepts that are really present in our personality. Cool stuff right? At the end of this post I’ll put some of the pictures I took and a small text about them, but first let’s talk about why defining yourself as a person is important for your digital presence.

First of all, finding out who you are is important period. You don’t only define your personality but also what you like, your goals, and how to achieve this goals. We all go through that crazy, and weird face in our teens in which we ask ourselves “Who I am?”. Now, you can imagine that at a web based level this question tends to become a little more complicated. Not only for the fact that many youngsters with little to no perception of their individuality go into multiple internet communities, but also because anybody can be whoever they want in the internet. This drives the concept of who you are to a very interesting path. There’s people that have multiple internet personas, and to a certain degree the actions that they have online has no comparison with the ones they do in real life. I can put myself in that category. This can also cause problems to the individual in a mental degree, but that is a subject for another post. In perspective, it’s important to know who you are so you are able to know what you want out there. To know which side of yourself you want to portray to the public eye. This is key in order to maintain a well-developed digital citizenship.

I guess that what I’m trying to say is get to know yourself. It won’t only help you in getting your own voice, or in your digital presence, but it will help you in most things that you do in your life. If you know who you are, and who you want to be; you can do a lot of interesting things for yourself and others.

Real quick I’ll show some pictures that I quite liked from the photo safari.

20160927_091507 20160927_090112 20160927_091157


The first two I like mainly because this two fellows here are close friends of mine from the university. Something really important to me is maintaining good friendships, and making sure my friends are doing all right.

This second one is interesting because it’s a picture of the set of the reto emprededor. Now, I do like innovation, and would like to maybe someday make something that can make a difference.