WSQ01-First Real Homework

First real homework I’ll do on my blog.

Nope, just kidding, I won’t actually code anything on this one, I’ll just download the stuff I need to start coding. I can’t believe I have to write about this but, well, there’s a reason for this… I hope so.

I didn’t have an available computer to work at last semester, now I do, and so my excuses to fail the course have vanished. I must add that the machine at my service is a very decent MacBook and I’m very, very happy working with it, except for a few things… I bet it is relevant to say that I hadn’t ever used a mac before. Well, after a few web-surfing I found out how to use mac’s terminal “bash” and realised I didn’t have to download python, as mac has python’s 2.7 version pre-installed. That was great news… buuuut!

Yes, there’s a but. I couldn’t run anything on the terminal because apparently it had “no Xcode selected”. So I looked for the version of Xcode that corresponded to my OS version, OS X Lion or 10.7 and found out that the Xcode’s version compatible with it wasn’t supported any more, and the current version of Xcode wasn’t compatible with my OS.

I finally decided to download the latest version of OS X, Xcode and Atom, my editor of choice. It took hours, almost all the afternoon. I’m completely done for the day. I hate this.

This post is for my #WSQ01 on the programming fundamentals course.

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