WSQ14 ‘Scilab’

Scilab is a open source software used for educational purposes. Ken suggested us to download this software since it is going to be extremely useful in the course of our careers in his opinion. Here is were one can download it and he also posted a PDF manual in order to learn how to use it.  33 pages?! I know, I did not wanted to read it neither. However, when I opened Scilab for first time I had no idea of what to do.


Other note: This software’s full installation takes 442.9 MB of disk pasce! Which is kind of heavy for me. If my computer dies, I will blame this software for it or perhaps my DS emulator, who knows.

scilab peso

Now that everything is set up, lets beggin using it. Here the ‘language’ or commands to use are actually simple, like Python-simple. However, it has different commands and different structure. For example in python one uses the print() command to return a string a value to the user. In scilab this can be done by using disp(). Also, in python comments are done by using # in here one uses // similar to C++  or other languages. And one fact that called my attention is that one can write different commands in the same line by just separating them with a semicolon (;). This is what I wrote in the editor while testing.
scilab editor

With the console I can made use of matrices, search Wikipedia-style and print a graph. Scilab is an awesome tool so far, yet there is several features to discover. Those kind of features is what we will discover through the course of our careers.

scilab matrice

This is actually the last WSQ of the semester and the next post will be the last one of


course. Which means that I am actually kinda saying goodbye. So, since this is one of the last post of this course I will recommend my two personal favorite songs. It will be two since it is a tie, and I cannot tell which one is better. One of them is “Wet Sand” by Red Hot Chili Peppers, my personal favorite band, and the second one is “The Will to Death” by John Frusciante. John Frusciante is actually the ex-guitarist of Red Hot Chili Peppers, and  the one playing the guitar during “Wet Sand”. “Wet Sand” is part of the album Stadium Arcadium which i totally recommend. Sadly, I only have this song in iTunes since my laptop does not has CD reader to import my music CD that i have.


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