Scilab is a high-level, numerically oriented programming language. The language provides an interpreted programming environment, with matrices as the main data type. By using matrix-based computation,dynamic typing, and automatic memory management, many numerical problems may be expressed in a reduced number of code lines, as compared to similar solutions using traditional languages, such as Fortran,C, or C++. This allows users to rapidly construct models for a range of mathematical problems. While the language provides simple matrix operations such as multiplication, the Scilab package also provides a library of high-level operations such as correlation and complex multidimensional arithmetic. The software can be used for signal processing, statistical analysis, image enhancement, fluid dynamics simulations, and numerical optimization.

Info about it here, here and here.

You can perform basic arithmetic operations:


Post in progress, will update later.

WSQ 13

This was quite easy, the thing is that now we had time to look how to do the code and not the pressure of the examn on our backs. Here it goes:

Question 1


The exe:


Question 2 Code

exam2-2 code.png


exam2-2 exe

Question 3 code

exam2-3 code


exam2-3 exe

Question 4 code

exam2-4 code


exam2-4 exe

Here are my codes.



Course Review

Now, instead of Quiz 8 we have to do a course review.

I really liked this mode of education, Flipped learning, it teaches you to prioritize and manage your time to do all the work you have to do, and in TEC, is a whole damn lot.

Not taking into account assistance to class is also quite good, because you can use that time to work on some other class’ homework or advance in this course’s tasks, but not having to be on the classroom is better so you can work at home or in the library.

I hope this model of education is implemented on some other courses over at TEC, it’d improve our time management by learning in a different way that is up to us.

Quiz #3

So, all the WSQs are done, now, moving onto the quizzes. I’ve done only #2 son here goes #3.

I found info on some blogs from classmates and on youtube. If you don’t know what the fibonacci numbers are, look here.

Here is the code for the first part:

quiz3 code

the exe:

quiz3 exe


Here is the fibonacci code:

fibonacci code

And the exe:

fibonacci exe

All set, moving on!


So, moving on and sticking to one of the mexican greatest costumes, doing everything the day before. Here it goes, WSQ#10.

I found info on blogs from classmates and here, and a youtube video because almost no one knows what the hell is the Standard Deviation. wsq10code

And the exe:

wsq10 exe

I gotta keep going, I’ve almost finished all the codes but haven’t updated the blog.