Project snake

The project snake is done. It took us a long time to complete this, but we finished it. Our snake game is ready to be played. However we had to download another text editor with c++ libraries included, its name is Dev++. Here is the code of our project and also we have included an .exe to run the game very easily.

Course Review

I enjoyed this semester because in the last semester I felt lost for several reasons, and in this semester i didn’t feel that way. I’ve learn a lot of things more in this course than I learn last semester. The topics viewed in this course were fine and appropriated, and the difficulty was good, because the wsq were getting harder every time we completed one. This course depends a lot on how much time you are gonna spend on the class at doing the activities or quizzes. It’s highly important and recommended to do not procrastinate, because there are too many activities to accomplish. I like this way of learning because it is based on your responsibility and your attitude to learn; it make you to be more mature about you organize. I also like the extra time that they gave us on doing the quizzes. This way of learning could be a total disaster or a great success; it just depends on the student.7f77546945f948560cdc26b12b99d5ccd390c2e39d2849d3423ae7608dac066a

WSQ13: Exam 2

The exam wasn’t too hard, but I felt lost while doing it. I only could do one exercise correctly. The exam consisted on doing four programs, the one that I got right was about elavating one number to another.The other three I felt like I had no idea what was I doing, but I tried. Here are the corrected codes from the exam:

WSQ10: Lists

In this wsq we had to get the values of the total, the average and the standard deviation from ten numbers. So firstly we had to do a list of the given numbers by using an array. Ken help us to do it and it turned just well, because he taught us how to do it simplier and clean and not the large one.

Here is my code finished:Wsq10



Today we officially started our final Project. We will be doing a library of retro videogames for example, snake, space invaders and brick. We get enough information to be able to start our Project. We begin with the snake game, we thought that it would be easy, but it’s not like that. We got the basic so far, but we need to download several libraries like conio.h; however, we don’t know how. So we will be asking Ken next class.

Quiz 2

I have trouble with the two problems of the quiz. For the superpower I didn’t want to download the library and put the formula. So I try hard to solve it and it end up well I think. For the stars, I had no clue I was doing, so I used Isaac code as reference to do what I needed to do, and somehow it helped me to understand the problem.
Here are the codes:quiz2

WSQ09: Factorial Calculator

This one was pretty hard to acomplish. We had to do a factorial calculator inside a condition loop. For the factorial it was necessary to run two loops at the same time in order to get the result, and also it was important to have an acumulator because without that you will be doing nothing like I was. The most troubled part of the work was to close the brackets, I got very confused because the program wasn’t working at all. Until I found out what bracket was missing, and also I received some help.wsq09