Game of the Week (2)

Sorry for not publishing the game of the week this last saturday. I was a little busy. I’ll also publish this Saturday January, 30 one game. Today’s game is…

Xcom Enemy Unknown wallpaper

Xcom: Enemy Unkown is a turn based tactical game, as many other games of Firaxis Games and 2K Games. But, this game is very different from the other games of this company. This game is a squad tactical based game. Here you are the “Commander”, and you have the last resistance of the Planet to defend humanity from the alien’s invasion.

You begin the game with 4 soldiers in the first mission to take a look into an abduction zone. The game make you start with actual human military technology, and as you make progress in the game you improve your armory, soldiers, structures, etc.

xcom first mission

Xcom soldiers

In the game there are 4 specialities. Your soldiers can be a presigious Sniper, a stunishing Heavy, a very useful and helpful Support, and the badass Assault man. Each specility has its special traits and weaponry which will be essential in the game.

The game has a simple but enjoying soldier customization.

xcom soldier

During you soldiers life and battle training you will need to choose his/her path of training.

The game also has an expansion which adds many hours and weapons, soldiers to the game, and makes the game lots of times more fun.

Xcom enemy within.jpg

Enemy Within adds “bigger sharks into the sea”. With the expansion you may have a psyco-soldier under your orders or cyborg soldiers.

xcom meca soldier

The main objective of the post about Xcom: Enemy Unknown/Within was to make you have interest in trying this wonderful game, because in some days the new Xcom of Firaxis  and 2K games is coming.

The game is available in PC for Steam platform

Xcom 2.jpg

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PC Setup #WSQ01

In this post I’ll talk about my pc setup :v


I began downloading the editor Atom:


After the download I customized my Atom and downloaded a theme for it. The theme is An Old Hope.


A friend also suggested me to use instead of Atom the editor Notepad++.




For the compiler I downloaded Cygwin which was the suggested by the professor.


This is Cygwin executed in my computer, it is only a “Terminal”.



For the social editor GitHub I needed to create an account, and then  just configure the software. 



The desktop version is this:




Game of the week 1

In order to increase my activity in the blog I’ll be making WeeklyGameFavs. The idea of these posts is making suggestions of games that I personally consider worth of playing.

The first game of the week is: Dungeon of the Endless.


This game is about taking your ass out of a ship, which it is a dungeon. You start with 2 characters, you can choose anyone you like, there are 25 characters. Most of them are locked, and if you want to unlock them and use them since the beginning you must find them playing in the dungeon.

Dungeon of the Endless 1

The idea of the game is to escape from the dungeon, it’s game style is a tower defense game. You must protect ypur crystal from the monsters.

Dungeon of the Endless 2

The controls are very easy to use.So…, don’t worry about that.


And talking about money.
The standard edition is only at $129.99 pesos in Steam, and the Crystal Edition is at $175.99 pesos.

Try the game and if you like, make a comment here in the blog.