Safe browsing 101

--Originally published at The Hitchhiker's Guide to information security… according to me!

Allow Yourself to fail and learn... and hack

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Through all the semester we have discussed about the risk we can find on web. The certifications, and methodologies developers can use to provide a more secure ecosystem for their users. And about the different type of hackers we can found out there. There are still so many things to learn and practice related to security on the web.

Since many of the blog posts we have participated on were focused or at least required of certain knowledge on computer security, we want to make this post a friendlier one, a post we can share with anyone, and hopefully prevent people from bad practices online.

Let’s start with the basics:

  • Be aware that anything shared online is prompted to be shared with anyone. So avoid personal and important information to filtrate just by not sharing it. (no passwords, no personal documents, no card numbers should ever be shared…

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