Are there good hackers in the world?

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Cyber security is a very important aspect in our systems, networks and data. When you want to become a security professional you will have the tools and knowledge to protect your systems but you will also be able to do harm to it and to other systems. Studying cyber computer is looking at the world as a criminal and then to learn how to defend yourself from these attacks. Therefore is it a delicate topic when you wonder if all hackers are security professionals or all security professionals are hackers. In the end, it is all about the person. Someone with good values and ethics will use his/her knowledge to do a good job and not harm anyone in the process.

All this said, Ethics is a very important part in the cyber security world. Companies go throw very rigorous processes in order to select a professional to work with sensible data. They will have very high standards in order to entrust their data to someone that will be able to access it and to “protect” it.

Ethics is something that we learn from an early stage of our lives. We cannot just go to a one day course to acquire good ethics. Our ethics are defined by our education provided by our parents and by our friends when we were young and still forming our character and acquiring values from society. So in conclusion, everyone has their own ethics, their own definition of what is good and what is bad. It is very hard to learn about the ethics of a person but very important if we are going to give that person access to data that cannot fall in the wrong hands.

dr evil austin powers -  "Ethical Hacker"

When we are in the world of cyber computing, without considering our specific values and ethics,

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The Golden Rules of Cyber Security

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All cyber security programs or protocols follow three rules and have to address at least one of them. These are:

  • Integrity
  • Availability
  • Confidentiality

Security professionals, when creating a procedure, must consider them in order to successfully protect the computer, network or system they are working on.


Cyber Integrity

As time goes on, hackers get more knowledge and tools that help them get access and alter data from the systems they attack. This may leave corrupted data or changed programs on their trail. This affects the functionality of the system as well as the safety and profitability of it. For that reason, Cyber integrity is very important, and a security professional has to have the tools and programs necessary to check if the programs weren’t altered or modified from a desired state to a non functional or not secure state.

There are different ways to attend this matter and to mentions some of them, there is the inventory management, policy enforcement, backup and recovery, analytics and reporting.

Inventory management refers to have a monitored way of checking all files and programs and checking the creators, editors and dates that the file changed. This way you can have a closer look to the meta data of the files and know if there were unwanted changes or if files are missing.

Policy enforcement can refer to keeping good standards that apply to all files in order to know if the file follows said standards and can be considered as a good file and not an altered one by an unknown author.

It is good to always have backups of the state of the system, and if a node fails in the integrity standard then to restored it with a desired previous state.

It is always good and useful to have analytic tools that

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Cyber Security? Can you eat it?

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Cyber Security in short is the protection of computers, networks, programs and data that may be manipulated without authorization or with the intention of changing the access, destroying the integrity of the object or stealing information.

Nowadays internet security is becoming essential and not having a good and secure framework may tear down whatever system you may have and put your information at the risk of being destroyed or stolen by someone out there, maybe from the same city or from the other side of the planet.

For more information I did a more elaborate blog about this topic with a group of friends. You can find this post here.