Ready for programming

The first thing that I had to do was to install a code editor and to set up my computer to run the GNU C++ compiler (g++). There were many options for the code editor like Atom, Notepad++ and Vim but I didnt now which one to download so I asked a friend who already took the class and he recommended me Atom.

Downloading Atom was pretty easy, I just needed to press the download boton.
*You can download it from here:


Then I needed to install Cygwin because I have windows on my computer. There I had no option so I had no problems choosing (lol).
*You can find it here:


… But it was kinda difficult because there u didn’t have to download everything just what we need for this course, so I had to ask a classmate how to do it.

After installing both, u are ready for starting to programming.

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