Flipped learning!

Hey there, this is my last post of the course. I may go back sometime with this wordpress to make a record of my progress in programming. But lets get back to the main part. What are my thoughts about flipped learning. Sorry if I didn’t post a video of me talking, I really hate being in front of the cameras. But I will post every single thing that I like and the other thing that I dislike about flipped Learning. Because like everything, there is no perfection.

What are the pros of flipped learning, at least from my point of view. There is a lot of thing that ordinary grading or “teaching” had mistaken. The way that today schools grade students, are actually wrong. Because they grade the ability to remember thing for short periods of time, not actually the ability of the student to make solutions to the problems that he is put to. So the pros of this style of learning is that the teacher actually don’t teach some subject, it presents you with a problem or idea that you will need to develop, this way you can research for way to make it done. So this is more like the real world, outside the school. When a job needs to be done, you look for solutions, you don’t wait for someone with experience make the work for you. You need to fix or creat thing by yourself. Other thing that breaks the learning process, are the grades, that are dictated by the task you supposed to do. It doesn’t matter if you don’t learn anything from it. The point is just show the teacher that you did it. But with flipped learning you are actually showing the person in charge that you learn something and you


apply it. The flipped learning is great because it shows you how to fix thing by your own, but if you need help with something, there will be there a guy that can help you out, but not showing you the path to success, you will construct your own path. I really like more this type of “classes” because it show you how you can be autonomous and get more close to reality.

The cons of flipped learning is that is going to break the actual system, do you really think that I found a con on this learning process, well it will be only a con if you are the type of person that wants to wait for someone else to do your work. This type of learning it’s actually LEARNING. I really hope that this type of clases are implemented on TEC21 because it would teach students how life is.

As the last post of this semester I will like to thank our teacher Ken, he show us the really value of learning. Not only the illusion of learning, but really learn. Because if a student wants to learn he will found the way to do it. Hope there’s more clases that can get to experience this new type of learning.


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